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Create An Open, Inviting Kitchen With Glass Cabinet Doors

One Simple Renovation Can Change Your Kitchen’s Whole Mood

Kitchen cabinets are some of the most valuable storage space in our homes. Dishes, dry goods, cookbooks, and trinkets are stacked to be tucked away, yet conveniently accessible. But high-mounted, towering cabinets can feel imposing, giving your kitchen a claustrophobic feel and uninviting mood.

But a simple change from the experts at Kitchen Fronts of Georgia can open up your space and make the heart of your home feel twice as big: glass inserts in your cabinet doors. Whether transparent or translucent, these panel replacements provide a warm, inviting aesthetic to create a kitchen that you’ll be happy to spend time in.

Have a collection of antique china or chic modern decor but no display cabinet to feature them? Or maybe you’re proud of your collection of hilarious coffee mugs and want to show off to whoever might be around for breakfast. Clear glass cabinet doors turn your hidden treasures into full on displays. What a way to show off your personality (and suggest that you know a thing or two about interior design)!

glass pane kitchen cabinet doors

Or maybe you’re a little embarrassed by the state of your spice cabinet. A few too many tins of herbs crammed in to fit? Frosted glass is for you! You get the same open, spacious feeling without letting your guests know quite what’s going on in there. Silhouettes behind hazy white glass merely suggest that you’re well stocked and a lover of flavor (without revealing that your collections might be a little out of control)!

Whatever the state of your kitchen, glass cabinet doors can give you a sleek, modern feel that opens up your space, all while providing a small window to your personality and charm. Call us today for a free, no obligation visit by a member of our highly skilled and experienced team. And bookmark this page to see more fresh ideas to make the kitchen your favorite room of the house!