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My experience with Kitchen Fronts of Georgia (KFG) was FANTASTIC, and NO, I have no relationship with them or anyone associated with Company, otherwise than as an extremely satisfied customer.
I shopped around for someone that would replace our kitchen “doors and drawers”, and would do a good job at a reasonable price. I contacted a few Companies who did this work, checked their websites and reviews I had a couple of them come to my home and give me estimates for the work that needed to be done. The KFG representative was very professional and measured everything, showed me samples of door fronts and explained various options and costs. We opted for painted door fronts and created our own custom color.
After spending hours emptying all of our cabinets and discovering lots of things we no longer needed, didn’t know we had, or just no longer wanted, we were ready for our 10AM Monday installation appointment.
Only thing, on Sunday we had an epiphany. Our dog had been getting into our kitchen waste basket which was located at the end of the kitchen peninsula. We thought it would be a good idea to get an additional cabinet added to the end of the peninsula if possible, which would house a pull-out waste basket, which in turn, would obviously require a new countertop.
Since the KFG tech was due at our house at 10AM, we were at the KFG office at 7:30AM when they opened their doors to share our “new plan”. When asked if it was possible (remember they were to start installation at 10:00 AM), their answer was “NO PROBLEM”. Unbelievable, but true! We picked our new countertop and assumed they would go to Lowes to buy an unfinished cabinet.
Their tech showed up at 10:00AM as scheduled and started the installation. At 3:00 PM he left our home and said he’d be back. At 4:30PM he returned with a new cabinet, complete with a drawer, which KFG had made in their shop. (They also make all of their “doors and drawers” in their shop unlike most of the other companies that do this type of work). Their tech did a great job and even installed the waste basket pull-out in the new cabinet.
KFG sent their sub-contractor countertop guys who actually measured the job with a laser to compensate for any imperfections in our walls or existing cabinet bases. Although the countertop guys measured our stairway and elevator, even with the 7 guys who came to remove our old countertop and install our new, “bigger” countertop, they just couldn’t get the “non seamed” countertop into our home. Ultimately, they had to “seam” the countertop. KFG handled this bump-in-the road. Post countertop installation, we discovered that a small piece of whatever they use to “glue” the 2 pieces of the countertop to create the “seam” had dripped onto the top of a drawer. The “drip” was only visible when the drawer was open. KFG again rose to the occasion and has offered to replace the damaged drawer, even though it was damaged by the countertop installation company.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, our dog, being quite clever, opened the new cabinet waste basket door. Being even more clever, we decided to use a child lock to stop our dog from opening the waste basket door. Bad idea. When no one was home, our dog, in his attempt to beat the child lock, scratched the waste basket cabinet door, scratched the area around the waste basket cabinet door, and worst of all, chewed one side of the waste basket cabinet door.
When we contacted KFG, we were pleasantly surprised again. When asked what it would cost for the replacement kitchen waste basket cabinet door, they said that there would be no charge to fix the scratched areas or for the door replacement, but if our dog ruined another door, we would be charged.
Bottom line, Kitchen Fronts of Georgia did a great job and has consistently exceeded our expectations. Our kitchen is beautiful and really changes the look of our home. KFG handled any ”curve balls” with ease and did an excellent job at a reasonable price.